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John has been active as a composer for over four decades. His career began at the age of 14 with an original synthesizer-based performance/score for a semi-professional live theatre production. His repertoire grew to include film scores, album recordings, as well as live band, and ensemble performances.


John continues to work as a composer for film, television, his ensemble work and as a performer/arranger for various CD recordings.


His music has been featured on several full-length motion pictures, CBC, TVO and VISION TV programs as well as numerous other cable-based networks throughout North America and Europe. In addition to his work in the Film/TV medium, he was a member, composer and performer for the world-renowned Glass Orchestra. They toured throughout North America and Europe culminating in the release of several records, the last being 'Human'.


With a degree in music composition and his Master in Arts, John continues to create music that is uniquely his own. His 6th and most recent album release  is entitled AFTER LIFE - John Puchiele Ensemble. AFTER LIFE is an aural and allegorical journey in the After Life.

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